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They are a new brand focused on creating live events, promotions and face-to-face marketing. Our clients hire us to bring their brand to life through human interaction as opposed to using more traditional digital, television, flyer or billboard marketing. We launched the brand in July of 2018, with a huge vision to hit our client goals of 200 new markets in the next five years.  The clients we are working with want to ensure that we are keeping up with their projected growth. This is going to make the difference between whether or not we can take on further clients that are still waiting to use our services.

The clue is in the name. We have a killer environment and kick-ass team, and this is what makes us more valuable when compared to any other marketing and sales company. We care about the training and development of each individual that works with us.

The training that we offer is totally from within. This goes all the way from acquisition to the management training that our client needs. We offer a personal feel here at so that anyone can integrate themselves into our exciting environment. We believe that a happy employee leads to a communication with our customers. We are different because we create growth that is needed not just wanted. Our growth required cannot be sustained without people so anyone who we are looking to take seriously in the team has to have the mindset for growth and management. All of our candidates come in at entry level, but we don’t need you there. We need you at the management level to hit those goals as soon as possible with our clients.

What offers

The client hires us for the immediate person-to-person approach to their customers. They find that being direct with the customer allows much more transparency. The customer can ask questions, learn about the brand. Get involved today rather than waiting.

The greatest part about our services is that if customers are acquired right now we generate extra word of mouth marketing for future customers at no extra cost to the client. The services range from:

answering questions for customers 

creating customers on the spot

brand awareness


market share

We can either do this using a business-to-business approach or by creating events and live promotions. The method we will use depends on the clients we are working with.

Summary of services:

The clients that we work with range from telecommunications companies to health care and non-profit organisations, and even sports brands.

Right now we are focusing on the services below.


The experience of

Not only does provide great staff, they also understand the events and branding industry at a high level. They are able to offer insights and key observations from their vast experiences which assist with the live execution of their strategies.


The methods used at are second to none. The team are excellent, proactive problem solvers. I would highly recommend them to all of my clients, friends and business associates.


Want to know something?

We did a survey with 100 people and asked through our interview/research experience what they would like to know before meeting us  and here it is…

Where do our consultations/meetings take place?

The meetings take place at the location of the customer. That’s the great part about our method of marketing, the customer doesn’t come to us, we go to the customer.

How are the customers acquired at

As a company, are specifically outsourced to do deal with customer acquisitions and we do all of our consultations face-to-face. We do two things;

1. Make sure we keep our existing customers happy and their needs are fulfilled.

2. Bring new business to our clients as this will increase revenue and in return allows us to grow.

Are there set paths for employees?

When our CEO started the company she understood that for us to grow as quickly as possible there has to be a clear systematic path on how to move forward. Therefore we almost have a checklist of progression all the way from the Account Representative role to the Management role.

Where are you looking to expand?

Since opening in July we have big goals to open throughout the US, are aiming to be at 15 more locations by the end of 2020 then be at a further 50 by the end of 2021.

Why is our form of marketing more effective than others?

Marketing allows the consumer to have a much more personal approach as opposed to the more impersonal approach (Telemarketing, Television ads, Billboards etc). provide a more personal approach instead of a business transaction this is why our clients love working with because we provide a customer experience that feels more like a long-term friendship which in return creates long term business. 

How long does it take to become a manager?

We have a rapid growth program not because it makes us look good, because of client demand. We provide the one thing that every business will always need which is new customers. Because of this we have a high demand for management to sustain the level of growth required to keep our clients happy. The employees are required to hit the management level in their first year to fulfil the company goals. An exceptional work ethic, a great student mentality and an overall eagerness to succeed will allow an individual to advance more rapidly.

What are you being interviewed for?

If you are on the crazy job hunt and unsure what the position is you have applied for you can contact Kara our helpful office manager she can look at your application in more detail and answer all questions about the position. Equally you can click on the jobs button on the careers page that will show you all the positions we have on offer.

Why you got selected?

If you have been chosen for an interview with us this usually means that we feel 1 you had a good resume to work with, 2 you answered the questions on the call in a good manner but more importantly we want to get to know you some more! 

Running late? Can’t find the building?

We totally understand that sometimes these things happen we are always free on the phone to help and happy to still proceed with the interview just give us a heads up so we can ensure we still have time to sit down with you!

How much competition is there how many positions are there available?

We on average are having around 900 people apply to the company a week but we will only sit down with around 30 that day so we do spend a lot of time  filtering the position down to the final numbers, however we are growing quickly but we value quality over quantity to keep our clients happy it’s super important so we do select carefully for the sales program but even more carefully for the management training program.

What are the hours & compensation?

In terms of the hours we are open Monday to Saturday but they are depending on the candidate which is why the pay can be variable depending on the candidate also this will definitely be covered within the first or second round interview depending on your situation.

What is the atmosphere like?

Throughout the day the atmosphere is definitely busy but we try and keep it as fun as possible throughout the mornings and the evenings this is where we get the team together and work on different parts of the training depending where the individual is at also we have client calls and meetings throughout the day. If you wish to get a feel for the team and their morale then take a look at our Instagram.

What do we do as a company, who are your clients?

In a nutshell we are specifically outsourced by three different types of companies such as non profit organizations, growth industries and Fortune 500. These clients hire us to ensure that we increase their brand awareness, market share and revenue we do this through face to face communications either Business to business acquisitions or events and promotions depending on the client will depend on which one we execute, because these things are very vital to the success of the company then that is why we have the growth opportunity and they wish for more of it. 

What does the day to day look like?

Depending on what the role is then this can differ, if you are looking to be in the more marketing and sales area then this will consist of being in and out of the office training and developing along with client meetings and calls, also creating new customers for the client and managing current customers, due to the fact that we are growing very quickly your day to day can differ very quickly especially if you are moving throughout management training position. This can definitely be more specific if selected for the second interview. 

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